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What is the best way to clean garden tools for poison ivy?

I know I'm poison ivy, the oil still may be in my tools. How do I get rid of it for you? You can not re-infected! My wedding is in four weeks.

Then wash the tools with cool water, then take a chlorine solution ratio: 1 part bleach to 9 parts water. Then dry. I keep a little help or Cort-Tech Nu-around if of accidental contact with the known. The volatile oil called urushiol and is very strong. I stroked my dog and then touched my face when I left the hair from my eyes – And, therefore, seemed like a leper for three weeks. If you are especially sensitive only to be washed with soap and water can not do the trick. And whatever you do make sure of cold water – hot water causes the oil to disperse into the pores of your skin.

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