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Growing an herb garden inside with fluorescent lamps?

I bought a kit for a pre-packaged herb garden aromatic. He had three bags of Burpee seeds of Basil, organo and thyme. The floor was of little disks that expand when water was added. I planted the seeds, as shown. The container is like a box of round window and the metal is approximately 14 "x 3 inches. The floor is wet and I have not watered since planted all (2 days). Since there is much sunlight coming through I want to supplement the light with a compact fluorescent bulb. I have 2 60 watts, covering the range of the box (which is a aquarium accessory) How long before I see results? How long should I maintain in the DRL? Do I have to follow in order to cover with plastic? Any other advice? N lulu No, really growing basil, thyme and oregano.

You can use fluorescent grow lux for the best results, but you must see the seeds of a week and a half to three weeks. You do not have to use the lights until the germ.

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