Starting a Herb Garden Kit

Recycling Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens

The planting normally begins at the beginning of summer. Passionate people build small size gardens in their home to inspire others. You can customize the idea discussed here in the indoor or outdoor gardens. Considering your space, preferences, and plants is a good idea while choosing recycled items for your garden.

There is an unlimited number of jars and containers available that you can use in gardening. Make sure to clean the containers well before filling dirt into them. Garden junk removal process is also important before starting the process of adding the decorative material; otherwise, you won’t be able to provide a glancing look to your garden.

It’s not only about bottles and cans but the recycled newspapers can also be used as planters.

Here we’ll show you the ways of using these recycled items in a perfect way to give an out class view to your garden.

Drawer Planters:

Grab an old damaged dresser drawer and add some colors to it to give it a bright look. And then adjust some flowering plants in it. Thus it will become a bright and fun way to grow flowers. Whether you’re in need of adding some beauty to your indoor garden or the outdoor, this planter is suitable for both the locations. It’s easy to design and affordable too. Add this drawer planter to your garden and provide a stunning look to your garden.

Shell Planters:

If you’re fond of collecting shells, then it’s a perfect idea for you. Bring your shells collection from your last beach vacation and plant an adorable miniature garden using these shells. It really is a unique style garden that is not commonly adopted yet, because many people are unaware of this idea. You can provide an awesome innovative look to your garden with the help your shell collection.

Chair Planter:

Chair planter idea is commonly loved by many of the people. There are thousands of styles available for your choice. An old damaged chair might be annoying for you and you might throw it away soon as a waste material. Making this old chair would not only bring life to it but will give a classical look to your garden too.

Tin can planters

These cute tin can planters look even more effective when used in repetition as a design trick. These planters are easy to make and aren’t cost effective. You can create these planters with the help of few recycled cans. Adding some designs to the cans would bring some cool and beautiful kind of look to your garden. And you would also enjoy watching them again and again. Grouping a few together and planting the same plants or same color imposes great impact.


Colanders come with drainage holes already. These colanders are perfect for making some stand alone planters or hanging baskets with a little chain or rope. Setting this colander planter on an outdoor table as a feature display is a perfect choice. Popping some herbs in it can help you garnish your food at the table. There are a lot of creative ideas available; you can use any of them to give a unique look to your indoor or outdoor garden.

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