Starting a Herb Garden Kit

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Starting a Herb Garden Kit

Some people just are not gardeners. They do not want to get their hands dirty, and the whole thing about getting on their knees with insects sends shivers up their spines. There are some who can plant corn and beans grow. That’s just not worth the hassle of a large majority of working people to try to grow anything. If you feel this way, but still want to have fresh herbs for your pleasure, consider kits herb garden.

If the space is where you live, maybe a herb kit is the answer. You can fit one in almost every room, even on top of furniture. That way you can grow easily five or more herbs and do not even leave the house.
Kits can be very simple and cheap. Home Depot offers a kit with cilantro, basil, parsley, chives and thyme for less than $ 20. It comes with a small stand that the terra cotta pots to hold plants. You need to plant seeds, water them, and make sure they have enough sunlight. Read more about herb gardening kit elsewhere on this site.Better yet, every plant is guaranteed to grow. Other kits can cost more and take up more space. Some have a more abundant herbs.

A simple format of a kit is a large tray with compartments to keep the different plants and a large fluorescent grow bulb mounted in any manner over the tray. This does not look that attractive, but it can get the job done. If you go this route, you need to provision for water runoff, so it does not go to your floor.

If you do not mind spending a little money, get a grow chamber, using only water to grow your herbs. These units have a built-in grow lights that automatically turn off and the sun to mimic. They indicate when water is needed and when to put nutrients in the water. You choose the herbs you want from seed packets sold separately. Read more about herb gardening kit elsewhere on this site.These units are designed for a small space to use on a counter or table, and look rather attractive. The price is $ 160 to $ 200-series, with the seeds that are sold separately.

Interior These kits do not provide a large amount of spice, but you can half dozen or so in a limited space to grow. After 5 or 6 months, you can select different herbs and start the process again.

Some plant shops may offer some pots, potting soil and seeds, and call it a kit, but it’s not a real herb garden kit. If you start plants in this way, you are not working from a kit, you are actually gardening.

Herb garden kits will save you time and effort. If you can not actually plant a garden outside, this is a good option. If you like the first phrase you use, you may want to have small gardens in several rooms in your house. Read more about home indoor herb gardens elsewhere on this site.

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